1003 Series-WISENMESHNET® A-Type Smart Gateway

WISENMESHNET® A-Type Smart Gateway (1003 Series) @25°C
AC Power
100V to 240V(AC)
DC Power
7V - 18V (9-12V hardware version released before August 2015)
Internal UPS
Min. 7 days Meshing
Working Current (DC)
Ave. 45mA@9V; Max. 2Amp@GPRS Registration
8GB (Min. 1.5 Yrs Storage)
L x W x H
180 x 140 x 60mm
Cable Gland
Qty. 1 x AC Power In - EMC-CMA14
Qty. 1 x DC Power In - EMC-CMA12
Wire Connection
Qty. 1 x AC In - Spring type wiring terminal
Qty. 1 x DC In - Spring type wiring terminal
External Interface
Wireless Module
2G ONLY GSM/GPRS (850/900/1800/1900MHz)@9600bps
Tested SIM: Standard China Mobile, China Unicom; UK Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, 3.
Wired Port
Industrial Standard
Casing and Painting Materials

Aluminium-Alloy Die Castings 12 (Epoxy Polyester Powder


Operating Temperature
-40 to 80°C
CE, London Underground Product Approval

A gateway is used as a key unit in Wireless Sensor Network system. It is responsible for the command issuing (such as T, F

modifications) to and data collection from all the nodes involved in a mesh network; meanwhile, it forwards the data and system

information to the remote server via mobile network or the local server via standard RS232 connections.


Ensure that the SD memory card is unplugged if a gateway is reprogrammed (this action does not apply to the mesh reprogramming on a gateway)

Different Releases of Gateway Internal Connection Layouts:

Figure. Version Two: Gateway Layout (Released after 2015). (Note: When connected to a remote server, “SIM900_NET” LED

will be constantly on.)

Figure. Version One: Gateway Layout (Released before 2015). (Note: When connected to a remote server, “SIM900_signal”

LED will be flashing slowly. However, this cannot be considered as a definite connection, for this information, a customer

needs to check from the visualisation web page or check with our system administrator.)

Figure. Version One: Gateway - AC/DC Power Wiring.
Installation Guidance

Figure. A-Type Gateway Product Photos.


Figure. Gateway Fixing Bracket.