• Features

    ·   Resilient mesh radio network re-routes traffic if needed.

    ·   Highly accurate sensors.

    ·   Sensors rated to IP66 or IP67.

    ·   Long battery life - typically 2 years for a reading interval of 15 minutes.

    ·   Economical compared to manual monitoring and also compared to alternative products.

    ·   Large number of sensors per gateway

    ·   Multiple gateways will work together for extended coverage and further resilience.

    ·   All sensors also act as relay nodes for wireless traffic.

    ·   Sensor nodes and gateways store data locally in the event of temporary radio blockage.

    ·   Gateways have 10 hour battery backup.


           The Wisen Innovation mesh network was originally developed as part of work under taken at Cambridge University. Wisen Innovation has been operating in China for 6 years, and in the UK for 4 years. Please refer to the Case Studes page for examples.

    What we do 

           Wisen Innovation develops and supplies wireless infrastructure monitoring equipment for the civil engineering industry.  Our product range currently offers highly accurate sensors for measuring tilt, distance and strain, and interfacing to industry standard vibrating wire sensors.