Hexagon/Leica Geosystems & WiSen team up for brighter future


               Another special and proud day today!
               Wisen is delighted to be an official and strategic partner with Hexagon/Leica Geosystems.
               Thanks to all Wiseners and Thanks to Hexagon/Leica Geosystems team!
               WiSen would love to take this opportunity to all beloved and treasurable:

  •  Friends - Growing old together with Wisen;
  •  Customers - Challenging and demanding for a better Wisen;
  •  Strategic Partners - Willing to walk in to the last mile with our clients;
  •  Industrial Colleagues - Dedicating for our own long term healthy ecosystem.

               WiSen is ONLY here because of you all. You are all the reason that Wisen is.
               Be Honest, Be Integrity, Be Innovative, Be Trusted!  








2021-10-13 14:35