•   1302/1304/1305 Type - WISENMESHNET® Dual-Axis/Mini Dual-Axis/Omni Tilt Sensor Node

    1302: S-Tilt

    End of production by 2019.11
    1304: M-Tilt

    1305: O-Tilt

    Available after 2019.11
    Battery Power Qty. x 1 (3.6V Lithium primary D-Cell ER34615) Qty. x 1 (3.6V Lithium primary 2/3A ER17335) Qty. x 1 (3.6V Lithium primary D-Cell ER34615)
    Accuracy Stop Voltage 2.7VDC
    Mesh Stop Voltage 2.1VDC
    Battery Connection Standard Aluminium Battery Holder
    Working Current Max. 23mA (Typ. 18mA) Max. 17mA (Typ. 12mA)
    Local Storage Min. 450 Messages during Meshing
    L x W x H 80 x 75 x 57mm 52 x 50 x 40mm 80 x 75 x 57mm
    Weight 0.43kg 98g 0.43kg
      Primary Sensor
    Sensor Type MEMS Dual-Axis Tilt Sensor, A-axis; B-axis Tilt Values MEMS X/Y/Z Tilt Values
    Range -30° to +30° -90° to +90°

    0.01° (36″ or 0.1745mm/m) for readings within range [-10°, +10°];

    0.04° (144″ or 0.700mm/m) for readings within range [-30°, +30°]

    0.002° (7.2 or 0.0349mm/m) @ [-2.0°, 2.0°] & Better than

    0.01° (36 or 0.1745mm/m) @ Any 1° over (-90°, 90°)

    Resolution 0.0025° (9″ or 0.0436mm/m) 0.0001° (0.36″ or 0.001745mm/m)
    Long Term Stability < 0.014° (50″ or 0.2443mm/m)
      Standard System Parameter
    Temperature Range: -40 to 85°C, Accuracy: ±2°C Range: -40 to 85°C, Accuracy: ±1°C, typical 0.5°C; Resolution: 0.1°C
    Voltage Accuracy: ± 0.1V
      WSN Interface
    WSN Protocol WISENMESHNET® Protocol
      Re-Calibration Method
    Inspection Period Every 3 Years by Manufacturer (or inspected by arranged methods)
      Tilting Orientation

    Figure. Mark on 1302 & 1304.

      1) When holding the Spec paper horizontally, then when X-axis arrow rotates around

          0-dot into the paper plane,  the readings of “x” decreases; It also applies to both

      2) The node fixings must be rigid for the sensor to measure accurate data.

          Movement in the fixings will affect the readings;
      3) The Omni Tilt Sensor Nodes must be oriented with any two axis marked on the

          label parallel to the horizontal plane, so that the data can be easily interpreted.

    As shown below, readings (of the blue axe) get smaller from Status 1 to Status 2; increase from Status 1 to Status 0.


    Infrastructure tilting condition monitoring of accuracy 0.01°, such as retaining wall, supporting column, river embankment etc.

    From the 1st level of data conversion, the movement of one end of a beam/crossbar can be monitored (with accuracy of 0.17mm/m), such as land sliding, railway track monitoring.

          With our latest developed mathematical model, we can achieve a 0.3mm accuracy for the Horizontal Convergence of a

          metro tunnel of 6 segments.


1302/1304/1305 Series - WISENMESHNET® Dual-Axis/Mini Dual-Axis/Omni Tilt Sensor Node
Casing and Painting Materials:  Aluminium-Alloy Die Castings 12 (Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating) / PC / Aluminium-Alloy Die Castings 12 (Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating)
IP Rating:  >= IP66
Operating Temperature:  -40 to 85°C
Fire Proof:  Approved
Certificates:  Network Rail Approval (UK), London Underground Product Approval (UK), CE (Europe), ACMA (Australia)
Product Specification: