•   3101 Type - WISENMESHNET® Visual Node
    Battery Power Qty. x 1 (3.6V Lithium primary D-Cell ER34615) (External power unit supported)
    Stop Voltage 2.1VDC
    No. of LEDs LED x 1 of Green/Blue/Red Colours
    Battery Life Sample Interval Low Power Green/month Green/month Blue/month Red/month
    T=1min 5.9 2.2 1.6 0.78
    T=5min 11.2 2.7 1.8 0.82
    LED Flashing Frequency Red Warning (the highest warning level) On for 100ms, Off for 1900ms
    Blue/Yellow Warning On for 100ms, Off for 2900ms
    Green/Low Power Green Mode (normal level) On for 100ms, Off for 3900ms
    Working Current (DC) Max. 90mA (Typ. 8mA)
    L x W x H 100 x 100 x 60mm
    Weight 0.65kg
      WSN Interface
    WSN Protocol WISENMESHNET® Protocol
      Re-Calibration Method
    Inspection Period Every 3 Years by Manufacturer (or inspected by arranged methods)

      1.  A visual node provides a unique solution to issue an on-site visible LED coloured light warning for a paired Wisen node.

          There are 2 levels of warning triggers that can be configured, i.e., blue and red. Once the paired Wisen node reading is

          beyond a trigger level, then the related LED colour will be flashing at the visual node. This gives great advantages to

          structure builders and service users to directly act upon the real time sensing and protect people from any potential

          structural disaster; Note: the changes of LEDs on visual nodes do not rely on the warning issues from the control centre. It

          solely listens to the paired sensor node, so as long as the paired sensor node is transmitting data, then a close to real time

          warning is achieved from a visual node.
      2.  Usage: a visual node can be installed at the locations where hazard is possibly to appear, such as excavating sections,

           land sliding regions;
      3.  Scope: Visual warning can be applied to 1F06, 1302 and 1304 series nodes;
      4.  Configuration setup: 
           A.  One visual node & one sensor node set with visual warnings;
           B.  USB Mini Gateway Device + Windows Laptop + Wisen Visual Node Configuration Software;
           C.  Key in blue and red triggers on the software until a successful feedback is received.


Casing and Painting Materials:  Aluminium-Alloy Die Castings 12 (Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating)
IP Rating:  >= IP66
Operating Temperature:  -40 to 80°C
Fire Proof:  Approved
Certificates:  --
Product Specification:   
3101 Series - WISENMESHNET® Visual Node