Casing and Painting Materials:  Aluminium-Alloy Die Castings 12 (Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating)
IP Rating:  >= IP66
Operating Temperature:  -40 to 85°C
Fire Proof:  Approved
Certificates:  --
Product Specification:   
  •   6C01 Type - WiSenMeshWAN®  Voltage Interface Node
    Battery Power Qty. x 1 (3.6V Lithium primary D-Cell ER34615)
    Accuracy Stop Voltage 2.7VDC
    Mesh Stop Voltage 2.1VDC
    Battery Connection Standard Aluminium Battery Holder
    Working Current (DC) Max. 210mA
    Local Storage Min. 450 Messages during Meshing
    L x W x H Interface Node: 100 x 100 x 60mm
    Weight 0.6kg
    External Sensor Size and Weight

    Depending on the specific sensor connected

    (external cable length ≤ 1.0m)
    Cable Gland Qty. 1 x EMC-CMA12 for external sensor connection
    Wire Connection Spring type wiring terminal
      Primary Sensor
    Sensor Type Signal Output Range (0 to Vcc_Out) Power Input Voltage (Vcc_Out) @ max. 100mA
    0-1.8V 1.8V±0.05V
    0-2.5V 2.5V±0.05V
    0-3.3V 3.3V±0.05V
    0-5.0V 5.0V±0.05V

      Notice: Power On Time to External Sensor: 1s power on before samples are taken.

      Please confirm the sensor stable time before use.

    Accuracy 0.05%F.S.
    Resolution 0.18mV
      Standard System Parameter
    Temperature Range: -40 to 85°C; Accuracy: ±1°C; Resolution: 0.1°C
    Voltage Accuracy: ± 0.1V
      WSN Interface
    WSN Protocol WiSenMeshWAN® Protocol
      Re-Calibration Method
    Inspection Period Every 3 Years by Manufacturer (or inspected by arranged methods)
      Sampling Range Selection

    “Vcc_Out Hardware Switch” is used to select the option of:
       A.    sampling “Voltage Signal Output Range” from an external sensor;
       B.    providing “Input Power Voltage” to an external sensor, e.g., for 6C01 type, “Vcc_Out Switch” of 2.5V must be

              selected so that the EC-5 soil moisture sensor can be powered at 2.5V and also the node can sample between 0 and 2.5V

              from the sensor.
       Notice: For any other sensors, please check against the sensor specification before the setting is completed!

    Hardware Switch

    Vcc_Out Output

    Demo Photo

    0 (default)

    1.8V (default)







    Figure. Vcc_Out Switch Setting.

      Wire Connections

    A.    Voltage typed sensors of Vin = 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V/5.0V, Current required ≤ 100mA, Sensor Vout Signal ≤ Sensor Vin;
    B.    Sensor example:
           a.    High precision moisture Sensor:
           b.    Displacement Sensor:


6C01 Series - WiSenMeshWAN® Voltage Interface Node
WiSenMeshWAN® Product