•   1C02 Type - WISENMESHNET® 2-Channel 4-20mA/1-5V Interface Node
    Battery Power Qty. x 4 (3.6V Lithium primary D-Cell ER34615)
    Alternative DC Input 12 - 32VDC @ Min. 1A
    DC Output 12VDC±0.3V @max. 0.3A (Note: confirm against the sensor specification)
    Power On Time to External Sensor 2s to reach stable reading (Note: confirm the sensor stable time before use)
    Accuracy Stop Voltage 5.9VDC
    Mesh Stop Voltage 4.0VDC
    Working Current external sensor specific
    Battery Connection Standard Aluminium Battery Holder
    Local Storage Min. 450 Messages during Meshing
    L x W x H 180 x 140 x 60mm
    Weight 1.5kg
    External Sensor Size and Weight

    Depending on the specific sensor connected

    (external cable length ≤ 4.5m)
    Cable Gland

    Qty. 2 x EMC-CMA12 for external sensor connections

    Qty. 1 x EMC-CMA12 for external DC input power connection
    Wire Connection Spring type wiring terminal
      Externally Connected Sensor
    Sensor Type 4-20mA / 1-5V Sensor Type
    No. of Inputs 2 Channels
    Sensor Connection DC_Out, IN, GND

    mA / V

    (Use “4-20mA to 1-5V hardware switch” for each channel

    on the PCB to change the sampling parameter.)

    Range 4.0000 to 20.0000mA / 1.0000V to 5.0000V
    Accuracy 0.1% at Any Reading
    Resolution 0.0003mA or 0.0001V
      Standard System Parameter
    Temperature Range: 40 to 85°C, Accuracy: ±2°C
    Voltage Accuracy: ± 0.1V
      WSN Interface
    Mesh Wireless Interface WISENMESHNET® Protocol
      For Installation Brackets, please refer to https://www.wisencn.com/accessory


  • Common Information

    Type Specific

    Product Calibration Certificate: Downloadable from WiSen® Visualisation Platform, under /Download & Upload/Calibration & Document & Software/Calibration.
    Note: Every unit from WiSen has been fully electrically tested, calibrated, radio verified and mesh examined while individual calibration certificate is issued before shipped to our global customers.
  • CE


  • Common Software

    Leica GeoMos Specific

    Note: Downloadable from WiSen® Visualisation Platform, under /Download & Upload/Calibration & Document & Software/Software.
    WiSen® Programmer.zip: Firmware upgrade via WiSen Program Lead;
    WiSen® SD Reader.zip: Data download or rescue from in a unit with SD card storage;
    WiSen® Standard Serial Port Monitoring Software.zip: Data communication via a gateway on a Windows PC;
    Please refer to "Technical Document" for instructions.
    WiSen Downloader Installer v1.2.0.msi: Software to integrate Wisen data into Leica GeoMoS.

Applications: WISENMESHNET® 2-Channel 4-20mA/1-5V Interface Node is compatible with all different types of 4-20mA/1-5V sensors of 12VDC and ≤300mA power supply, hence it can be applied to all the corresponding monitoring projects. Example of 4-20mA sensors: Manufacturer such as Micro-Epsilon. 


Casing and Painting Materials:  Aluminium-Alloy Die Castings 12 (Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating)
IP Rating:  >= IP66
Operating Temperature:  -40 to 85°C
Fire Proof:  Approved
Certificates:  CE, RoHS, REACH,Network Rail Approval (UK), London Underground Product Approval (UK)

1C02 Type - 2-Channel 4-20mA/1-5V Interface Node

WiSenMeshNET® Product @ 2.4GHz Radio Frequency